Citywide Meeting at Keystone Church, first Thursday of each month, 7-9

Get Involved

Communities Rising Opportunities

“Help Pump Up Seattle for Carbon Reduction”: You can participate in Taming Bigfoot Seattle’s fun Household Carbon Reduction contest and help pump up Seattle for reducing our Greenhouse Gas emissions as a city! Apply yourself, or with others, to form a team of 7. Applications are being accepted until 12/31/17.  An orientation for contestants will take place at Seattle Unity 1/21/18. The contest will run February through April with February being the base month. Details at


Volunteer at the Labateyah Garden in Ballard. Please visit their Facebook page for more information.

Here's what the gardeners say about the garden:

"Labateyah is a vegetable garden, flower garden, and community garden. We grow food for the residents of Labateyah House, and we show people in the neighborhood that a little work and a little sharing can yield all sorts of good. We're helping young people learn to grow, cook and eat healthy food. We're helping neighbors learn to grow their own gardens. We're helping people get to know each other and the natural space around us. And we're growing chocolate tomatoes."



Also, if you are wanting to get involved in Immigration and Refugee issues and support:

⭐  Wallylake Immigrant & Refugee Action Group Neighborhood Meeting

4018 Burke Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Mon Sep 11, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Our last meeting was at the DACA rally... this one may be more of a planning meeting. Some items to discuss include:

- Burien anti-sanctuary initiative and campaign to defeat it


- the budget and national campaigns around it

- updates on detention center tabling

- update on networking across the state on immigration issues

Everyone is welcome who is concerned about these issues. Refreshments welcome (I will have some too).