Past Events

May 1, 2017 6:30 to 8:30

Trinity United Methodist Church

6512 23rd Ave NW, Seattle WA 98117

Join CR community members presenting about their issue areas. They will explain what their Working Groups have been focusing on. After brief presentations, each group will be available for individual Q & A. This will give members a chance to see what area they might want to plug into.

In addition, we will feature Ethan Casey, local author and publisher who brings extensive experience as an international journalist to bear on our current domestic plight. Last year Ethan wrote “America: Now What?” As Casey observes, an election is a telling moment in a country’s story – and the real story is about the country, not the election. His website is and you can read more about the author on Blue Ear Books.

About Communities Rising

We are a Seattle-based (and expanding) group of older and newer activists, with an idea that together we can be a network of neighborhood-based groups that will create actions and develop ideas that can, we hope, shape the world and the future in ways that benefit people, planet, and all living things. 

Each neighborhood will have one or more point persons. At the top of this page you will find the following: a guide to help you find your neighborhood group or set up your own and links to resources, including articles, inspirational material, collaborating groups and orgs, and videos. If you have something you would like to see included, please share it with us!